Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rob Levin Casts The Darkness Into "Shadows and Flame"

In January, Top Cow's "The Darkness" enlists a new ally in the form of H.P. Lovecraft. The legendary author's influence casts a shadow upon writer Rob Levin and artist Jorge Lucas's "The Darkness: Shadows and Flame," a one-shot issue that combines Lovecraftian horror with turn-of-the-century drama. As a standalone issue, "Shadows and Flame" shines the spotlight on Salvador Gomes, a broken man looking to restore meaning to his life after the tragic deaths of his wife and child. Gomes's drug-laced journey takes him from the pits of despair to an even darker place, as he comes into conflict with a nefarious being known as the Shadow God.

CBR News spoke with Levin about the story of "Shadows and Flame," how it came to be and what interested him and Lucas about utilizing Lovecraftian horror in a "Darkness" story.


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