Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Robert Kirkman Talks 'Image United' with USA Today

Image United is one of the most anticipated comic-book series to emerge in recent years. Six of the seven original founders of Image Comics are collaborating for the first time to launch a monthly six-issue series that debuts Nov. 25.

Each of these artists will draw the characters that they originally created as the first titles under the Image Comics banner. The challenge of writing the story for this project has been taken on by Robert Kirkman, a current Image partner and acclaimed author of popular comics series The Walking Dead and Invincible.

Kirkman recently spoke to USA TODAY as part of an ongoing series of interviews with the creative team behind Image United.

Q. You're the first non-founder to be brought in as a partner in Image Comics. What is it about the history of Image that led you to your current role?

A. The basis of Image Comics as a company was and always has been creator ownership. It's a comic company by comic creators for comic creators. For really the first time in history, these popular artists took a stand and said we don't need the big corporation; we can go out and do our own thing.


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