Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Comic Collector Live Reviews Angelus #1

After the War of the Witchblades, Sara Pezzini is the sole bearer once more. However, while the Angelus force had been without a host, in an interesting turn of events, Danielle Baptiste was chosen. Going from being a Witchblade bearer, and directly to being the Angelus, Dani is left somewhat confused and lacking direction.

She decides to head back to her roots, in New Orleans, where she is originally from. Unlike prior Hosts of the Angelus, who have been mostly taken over and controlled by the Angelus force, Dani exhibits the ability to retain her free will and stays in control when transforming to the Angelus.

This seriously disturbs Sabine (one of the top Angelus Warriors), who is still bitter that the Angelus did not choose her as the new Host. She believes Dani's ability to retain her free will, while taking on the Angelus form, to be counter productive to their cause.

Overall, a nice set up for the next 5 issues of this series, as well as a good continuation of Dani's story after Witchblade. This series is bound to have tie ins to the upcoming Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box, as well as Top Cow's next summer event, Artifacts. However, Ron Marz has stated a number of times that these individual titles will stand on their own.

I give it 4 out 5 stars. The story was solid, and entertaining, and the artwork was awesome, as usual for Stjepan Sejic. The use of storytelling through panel progression and balance between calm subtle moments, and double page action spreads, really give this book a nice feel. Marz and Sejic seem to be arriving at a place where most writer/artist teams want to be. Definitely recommended.


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