Monday, December 14, 2009

ComicNewsi Reviews Darkness/Pitt #3


Pitt is a comic I never really had a chance to get into back in the 90's, and neither was the Darkness. I remember flipping through whatever issues were on display at the grocery store, thinking how cool it was that these comics had blood and curse words (I was young, alright). But like the rest of Image's library at the time (most notably Spawn), it was not “mother-approved.” But now I'm a grown man and drink, curse, stay up late at night, and read whatever comic I want. Take that, mom!

And that brings us to The Darkness/Pitt #3, published by Top Cow, written by Paul Jenkins and drawn by Dale Keown. Unfortunately I missed the first 2 issues and had to play catch up, but the introduction gives you the gist of it. I'm sure I missed a body count along the way, but such is life (no pun intended). The recap gives you what you need to know about the characters' back story and the mess they currently find themselves in. Apparently an alien virus has turned people into zombies who are surrounding our protagonists Jackie Estacado (aka the Darkness), the Pitt, and Timmy (Pitt's genetic half brother). Violence and banter ensue, followed by an impressive display of power from Timmy.

Whether you're a fan of the Darkness, Pitt, or both, you should definitely check this out. It has zombies; everyone loves zombies. They're the new pirates. And most importantly, coming in on the third and final issue of this story, I did not feel lost or confused about what was going on. Yes, I do feel like I'm missing out by not reading the first two issues (they will be mine), but after the recap it all made sense to me and was easy to understand.


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