Monday, December 14, 2009

Newsarama: Top Cow Opens A PANDORA's BOX Leading Into ARTIFACTS

Bursting out of the stories of Greek mythology and into the pages of Top Cow comics comes Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box. This mythical box is said to contain mysteries and ominous gifts that was given to a human by the gods as revenge for stealing the secret of fire. And in this upcoming miniseries recently announced, that box is at the center of the search for the 13 artifacts of Top Cow lore. Standing on either side is a woman hoping to collect them for herself, and a man wanting them to remain lost forevermore.

Scheduled to begin in February and last six issues, Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box will act in many ways as the transition point between last year’s big event book, Broken Trinity, and 2010’s summer event series Artifacts beginning in July. After years of hints, teases and rumors, Top Cow has begun laying out the mythology of the Darkness, Witchblade and Angelus as three of thirteen artifacts that are key to the Top Cow Universe. While not all of the remaining 10 artifacts have been revealed yet, two have in last year’s miniseries. Pandora’s Box takes that reveal of two new artifacts – and their bearers – and explores it in-depth in this six issue Spring 2010 series.

For more, we talked with the miniseries’ co-writers Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin.

Newsarama: So guys, what can you tell us about Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box?

Bryan Edward Hill: It's a continuation of the Broken Trinity story created by Ron Marz, centering on Michael Finnegan and Glorianna Silver, the bearers of the Glacier Stone and Ember Stone respectively. When a sociopathic villain seeks out one of the 13 Artifacts, Finnegan and Glorianna set off to stop him, while managing their own private war.

Rob Levin: And the shill in me would be remiss in saying that it's also a lead-in to next summer's much ballyhooed Artifacts series, also by the good Mr. Marz. He's been gracious enough (along with the fine folks at Top Cow) to give us enough rope to hang ourselves in terms of where we take these characters. And he didn't say anything about not breaking them before we hand them back, so... He might come to regret that.


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