Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CraveOnline Reviews Pilot Season: Murderer

Pilot Season kicks off this year with five one-shots from Robert Kirkman and co-creator Marc Silvestri, starting with Murderer. This one-shot holds an original premise that I can honestly say intrigued me right from the get-go. Jason Sparks is a man with a superpower, but like writer Kirkman mentions in his afterword, what if having a superpower isn't all it's cracked up to be? In fact, what if it downright sucks? That's pretty much the jump off point here, as Jason has the ability to hear all of the thoughts of those around him to the point that he can barely think, let alone speak. The only way he can get a few hours of peace and quiet is by killing someone, so he's taken to using his power to kill those whom he decides deserves it.

Murderer gives readers a morally complex plot, and this issue sets a lot of things up that hold plenty of potential for any sort of future stories with these characters. And really, isn't that the entire point of Pilot Season?


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