Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Omnicomics: Robert Kirkman in Stealth Mode

Robert Kirkman's latest incarnation of Top Cow's Pilot Season is Pilot Season: Stealth #1.

The series features art by Sheldon Mitchell and centers on Todd Carey, a man whose life is falling apart. He's going through a divorce, his daughter is failing college and his father has Alzheimer's. I'd comment that it's all pretty f'ed up, but in today's world it's not that much out of the ordinary. He lets his father move in with him without knowing that he's actually the masked vigilante Stealth. With his crime fighting ways comes enemies that will inevitably invade Todd's life.

“I’m excited for our fans and new readers to pick up Stealth,” said Mitchell. “Robert really created a dynamic relationship between Todd and his father, Marc laid out a visually compelling hero and I worked hard to get this storyline to jump off the pages. Hopefully, the readers notice that and vote when the time comes.”


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