Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gaming Angels Reviews Angelus #1

Title: Angelus #1
Artists: (Writer) Ron Marz (Artist) Stjepan Sejic (Cover) Stjepan Sejic, Eric Basaldua
Publisher: Top Cow

Angelus #1 is a limited, 32 page series from Top Cow that is out right now. The story follows Dani Baptiste on her journey back home as she tries to figure out what it means to be the Angelus. At the same time, she’s exploring her relationship with Finch.

The comic is beautifully drawn with vibrant colors. In the story we learn that the Angelus is the human bearer of the primal force of light. Another coincidence is that most of those bearers also had the Witchblade as some point. Dani’s situation is different though, because she maintains some level of control where most hosts seem to just black out.

For our preview, we only have the first comic of the series and I am not very familiar with the Witchblade series overall, but the story that Ron Marz is creating has strong characters and a subject that draws you in. I’m looking forward to seeing this title progress and learning more about the Angelus.


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