Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Spy Top Cow's 'Alibi' Being Made Into a Movie

All eyes may be on Marvel and DC when it comes to the superhero franchises, but the smaller publishers have just as many (if not more) on the pre-production plate. Radical, Image, Dark Horse, and Top Cow all have a steady stream of options, though you never know just what will really make it onto the big screen.

Alibi stands a good chance though, if only because it's already being touted as the next Wanted by Variety. Top Cow and Mandeville Films are teaming up to bring Joshua Hale Fialkov's series to the big screen. It's another one of those assassin thrillers that seem to be so popular with the producers these days. Alibi centers on a pair of twin brothers, one of whom is a well-known socialite, and the other who is an assassin. They both live and work under the same identity of John Stephens and whenever a high-ranking official is assassinated overseas, Stephens magically has a ritzy alibi to explain his whereabouts. (Somewhere, Bruce Wayne is kicking himself for not being lucky enough to have a twin brother.) Naturally, things go awry when someone lets their secret slip.

The first issue is online at Newsarama, and if you're familiar with Top Cow, you'll know that it's full of good art, off color language, and lots of action sequences.


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