Friday, December 04, 2009

Jimmy in the Garden Reviews Berserker #3

With only three issues into the series, Berserker is a blast of violent pleasure with deepening, intriguing plot. So often a new series with great promise begins to fizzle with lack of direction and staying power; Berserker is proving to be fun premise that is building a mature plotline. Like good cheese, this read is getting better with time.

Artist Jeremy Haun quickly set his signature mark on this series with his uber-violent gore fest of entrails and easy-to-tear appendages. Successfully conveying the berserkers’ brutality is essential for the success of this read and Haun bloody nails it.

Author Rick Loverd kicks the plot into high gear as he layers a deepening mystery atop of these blood stained pages. The berserkers Farris Jorn and Aaron Bural are quickly learning that they are not alone in their condition. Loverd gives the story a mature depth and leave you wanting more.

Loverd and Haun are the dynamic duo of mature gore and a wicked story. I am more impressed with each issue. This is one of the best new comics in a long time.

4.5 out of 5


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