Friday, December 04, 2009

Comic Related Controls the Darkness with Phil Hester

Welcome to another edition of Controlling the Darkness where Eric Ratcliffe and writer/artist extraordinaire Phil Hester talk all things Darkness. This issue had our "hero" come face to face with the Bog and the Scab in a very interesting fight that no one came out unscathed from. So let's jump right in!

Eric: So I guess as he revealed at the beginning, the Scab isn't a complete monster? Or was he being sarcastic about getting his feelings hurt?

Phil: Probably a little of both. I wrote that "you hurt my feelings" bit as an homage to the great scene in Fistful of Dollars when Clint tells the Baxters he doesn't "think it's nice, you laughin'".

Eric: I like how throughout the entire issue Jackie seems more annoyed than pissed off due to the first few pages. Do you think that's the case?

Phil: Oh, most definitely. Especially the way the whole caper ends leaves him with a pronounced sense of annoyance.


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