Monday, December 14, 2009

Popculture Zoo Previews The Darkness/Pitt #3

To put things in the parlance of Hollywood, Darkeness/Pitt #3 was like Tango and Cash meets My Two Dads. To put it in more geek-friendly terms, it was both radically tubular and grody to the max. Wait, those were 1980’s terms. Whatevah! The point is, if you’ve picked up this mini so far you dare not miss the final chapter! And if you haven’t been getting the previous two issue, you are missing one of the best written and drawn books of the year. It’s Dale Keown drawing Pitt for chrissakes, how can you not be getting this? Throw in Paul Jenkins absurdly witty dialogue and more zombie carnage than you can shake George Romero at and this book breaks down the walls of epicness. I’ve run out of ill-placed metaphors and similes, so I’ll just say BUY THIS BOOK! Also, check out the preview below. Thanks!

Darkness / Pitt #3
(W) Paul Jenkins (A) Dale Keown (Cov) Keown, Eric Basaldua


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