Monday, December 14, 2009

Multiversity Comics Looks at Top Cow's Move into the Digital World

As we move further and further into the Digital Age, more and more people are wondering what the future holds for comic books. Like any form of print media, it is slowly dipping its toes into the digital format, hesistant to dive in so to not demolish their existing audience of fans who prefer their media to come in a more tangible form. However, with the ascension of ComiXology and the move of big names in the industry like Marvel, Red5, and Image to supporting applications of that sort, the digital wave is coming sooner rather than later.

Given that they've been quick on their feet in recent months, aggressively marketing themselves and very carefully their brand identity, it should be no surprise that Top Cow Productions is now making a move to the digital world. Take a look at their press release after the jump, and ask yourself this - how long do you think DC will hold out as the last big gun to not go digital?


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