Thursday, December 10, 2009

SciFi Pulse Reviews Pilot Season: Murderer #1

The holiday season is fast approaching, and we’ll start the celebration with a holiday special and a debut issue from one of SciFi Pulse's favorite writers, Robert Kirkman.

2. Murderer #1. I don’t think I can get much farther from the previous book than by reviewing this “Pilot Season” comic written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Nelson Blake II for Top Cow Comics.

I’ve often mentioned how much I enjoy Kirkman’s writing, and this issue doesn’t disappointment. In a text page at the back of the book (where Kirkman usually chats with fans), he talks about the fact that he just plain liked the title, “Murderer.” “I don’t recall anyone ever doing a comic with that title — and it’s a cool title,” he says. “There’s got to be something to this guy, a reason for the murdering … something to make him a compelling character that we the reader would want to know more about.”

The cover is intriguing, as we see the man the book will be about wearing a shirt that says, “If you are reading this, it means you are a bad person and are about to die.” That grabbed my attention, I’ll tell you.


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