Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creative Loafing Reviews Pilot Season: Murderer #1

Murderer No. 1
Published by Top Cow/Image Comics. Written Robert Kirkman. Pencils by Nelson Blake II. Inks by Sal Regla.

The Deal: Writer Robert Kirkman hooks up with artist/CEO Marc Silvestri and folks from the Top Cow side of Image to bring you the first salvo in the company’s latest “Pilot Season” program. This particular one-shot introduces readers to a new “hero” — called Murderer I guess — who is sort of forced to hear peoples’ evil thoughts … and can only block the voices from his mind by committing homicidal acts.

The Verdict: I like the concept of Murderer; it’s simple — and most great comic book ideas are fairly simple. The actual execution of the concept is pretty entertaining — a nice mix of action, tragedy, mystery, humor and heart. The art — by Sal Regla (a guy I’ve never heard of) — is nice; crisp and clean, yet detailed, and displaying a great command of facial expressions and emotion. I like it.


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