Monday, January 04, 2010

Berserker makes Fangoria's Top 10 of the Year

It's time once more to take a look back at another year in the world of horror in four-colors. With a seemingly endless array of new genre titles hitting the racks of your favorite comic shop each Wednesday, picking can be hard - and this list was no different.


Top Cow Productions

If the top ten list deserves a blood and guts award, BESERKER takes the cake. Every issue features a person getting ripped apart. Arms, legs, heads, and torso, the blood splatters across the page with no shame. Even better is how the mystery surrounds these beings that are able to let loose with crazy and be able to do these impossible things with their bare hands. The characters are intriguing yet familiar, and the supporting cast of haunting loved ones adds a chilling effect to the pacing and subtext. Some great dialogue by writer Rick Loverd that feels very much like a cable TV show not unlike THE SHIELD or DURHAM COUNTY, and the art is messy good from Jeremy Haun. Add in some secret agents, family matters, and horrific killing sprees, and you’re all set with a chaotic book that lives and breathes horror. A guilty pleasure with a long lifespan ahead of it.


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