Monday, January 04, 2010

Darkness & Phil Hester make Comic Related's Top List of 2009

Why I Love Comics Awards for 2009!

Welcome to a very special edition of the Why I Love Comics Column. The Why I Love Comics Awards for 2009! Our second annual venture into the awards ceremony where I pick the best of the year and probably create a lot of controversy throughout the column. This year had a lot of strong contenders in every category and the best of the best won out in the long run, not to mention too many strong competitors in some categories that there is more than one winner! So let's jump right into things!


The Darkness is made up of a lot of dark and horrible things this year under Phil Hester's awesome scripts. From the things that the Sovereign made Jackie do to the downright creepiness of the Scab and the haunting of the Bog, the title lived up to the horror it can truly display. I really have no idea where the book is going next but I am sure as hell sticking around for the ride.


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