Thursday, January 07, 2010

CBR Opens Pandora's Box with Rob Levin and Bryan Edward Hill

In the Top Cow Universe, there are thirteen dangerous Artifacts that offer their wielders incredible power. Three of these Artifacts are already widely known to comic book fans: Jackie Estacado currently holds the Darkness, while the Angelus belongs to Danielle Baptiste. The balance between the two - the Witchblade - is once again in the hands of longtime wielder Sara Pezzini after a lengthy battle to reclaim the title.

But what of the other Artifacts?

The topic is guaranteed to be explored further in Ron Marz's 13-issue maxi-series "Artifacts," which kicks off in July, but two of the lesser known Artifacts are getting their time in the spotlight a bit earlier thanks to "Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box," February's new Top Cow miniseries written by Rob Levin and Bryan Edward Hill with art from Alessandro Vitti. CBR News spoke with Levin and Hill to learn more.

"Pandora's Box" will tell the tale of two characters introduced in Marz's previous "Broken Trinity" event, Michael Finnigan and Glorianna Silver, better known as the wielders of the Ember Stone and the Glacier Stone, two of the fabled thirteen artifacts that are, like the Darkness and the Angelus, diametrically opposed. "As far back as anyone can remember, the wielders of these Stones have been going at it; mortal enemies who want nothing more than to destroy the other," Levin told CBR. "The Glacier Stone is a force of destruction, and the Ember Stone, one of creation."

"The obvious point is that one is born of fire and one is born of ice," added Hill. "Historically, there have been bearers of these stones and they've fought each other for dominance. They manage to destroy each other, the stones find other bearers and the battle continues. What's really interesting here is that we're living in a very secular and grounded time. This is the age of technology, not magic. Superstitions are killed every day by Google and Wikipedia. For Finn and Glori, they both have to look at not only the history of the stones, but the age they're living in and how that affects the conflict."

"Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box" #1, written by Rob Levin and Bryan Edward Hill and illustrated by Alessandro Vitti, arrives in stores on February 17, 2010.


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