Thursday, January 07, 2010

Heroic Bloggers Looks Back at "War of the Witchblades" and Reviews Angelus #1

Okay, the day is finally upon us, here is my review for Angelus #1. But first, let's go back in time. *enters timemachine to a few months back* LOL.

Witchblade #129.

I remember waiting for that issue. I was so happy when it came out, but I was thunderstruck by lightning after reading it. I hated the outcome. I really thought it was the end for her. I had never been angry at a comics writer before, but I really was after reading that issue, so angry it drove me to write a dark fanfiction with a character death. I'm not saying "Sara Pezzini sucks" and "Danielle Anastacia Baptiste kicks ass", but I had always loved Dani since her introduction. The only time I had ever been angry at a comic writer had been for the death of Kara in Final Crisis. I remember having broken down and cried one night while thinking about that Witchblade issue. Plus I had drank a bit and was really emotional to my mom about it. Sorry, it just was the effect that direction had on me.

So imagine my surprise at Witchblade #130. From the hateful emotion I had for Ron it jumped back to adoration. And it only grew when I read the announcement of an 6-issue Angelus mini-series with Danielle Anastacia Baptiste as the main character!

So, *returns to 2010, emerges from the timemachine* here we are, Angelus #1.

I totally loved the issue. It had awesome art and a very interesting plot. I wonder what the artifact is that Sabine has sent her followers to obtain from Hell. And now that we have seen the outside of 'Angelus Central', how will the inside look?

Can't wait for Angelus #2! The cover looks incredible!


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