Thursday, January 07, 2010

CES News: Makes Mobile/Web App for Comic Readers

Word on the street: the CES 2010 street, that is. There's a new e-reader on the block, kids.

Backed by Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and $1 million bucks, he already has all the comic fans clamoring for it.

And we're proud to announce Top Cow is on board for the party with comics available.

Geek Native has an interview with's CEO Micah Baldwin here.

Who will appeal to the most? What sort of fan base are you targeting?

We look at the comic world in three segments: collectors, enthusiasts and casual/lapsed.

For all, Graphicly is a place where readers can engage directly with their favorite creators and publishers.

For the collector, Graphicly is a place to discuss the books themselves from within the books themselves. Also, collectors can get a digital copy of a print book, and help retain the value of the print.

For the enthusiast, who’s focus is less on collecting, will provide a rich discovery environment and a place to explore comics comfortably.

For the casual/lapsed reader, they can learn (or re-learn) an enjoyment of comics.

I was a lapsed reader and quickly have become quite the enthusiast. I feel like there is so much I need to catch up on!

Sources: Mashable | The Beat

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