Thursday, January 07, 2010

Filip Sablik Guest Writes on GeekWeek; Debuts with Phil Hester Interview

I Thought You'd Never Ask: Phil Hester

A brief introduction and then let's get to the meat of things, no? I'm Filip Sablik, Publisher over at Top Cow Productions. You can read my little blurb at the bottom of this post. Long story short: I work my dream job. I love comics, movies, TV, and all things geeky. One awesome side benefit to this gig is that I've become friends with a slew of incredibly talented writers, artists, colorists, and other creatives. As a process junkie, I love to find out about their work habits, what inspires them, and so on. Most interviews just ask the obvious questions, so I figured I'd use Geekweek to abuse my connections and ask all my friends the questions they don't get asked in the typical interview. Hence, the title of this bit - "I Thought You'd Never Ask."

The subject of today's interview is Phil Hester. Phil is a writer, artist, and creator of comics. He's also one of the nicest guy's in comics and entirely too humble. You can get the 411 on Phil on Wikipedia. The Reader's Digest version of Phil's career looks something like this - created The Wretch, drew Kevin Smith's relaunch of Green Arrow, created Firebreather (now being developed as a cartoon at Cartoon Network), and helped this guy relaunch The Darkness after the platinum video game. You can read two free issues of Hester's The Darkness run HERE. He's also such a good dad that he doesn't curse in his house, even to the point where he yelled "Fiddlesticks!" after smashing his thumb with a hammer... even though he was home alone.


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