Monday, January 04, 2010

JINX Reviews Pilot Season: Murderer #1

Murderer #1
by Robert Kirkman, Marc Silvestri and Nelson Blake II
Published by Top Cow Productions, Inc. through Image Comics

Murderer comes from Top Cow as part of their "Pilot Season" program. From a marketing/publishing standpoint, it's a solid idea. Much like the pilot season season used in the TV industry, the idea is to publish one issue of a concept series. If the public responds well to it, you publish more. Top Cow started this in 2007, with what were basically spin-off books from Marc Silvestri's Cyberforce. For the noobs, Silvestri is the head of Top Cow, which is an independent studio under the Image umbrella.

The 2009 batch, though, definitely has my attention; specifically because of the involvement of Robert Kirkman. Regular readers of my column know how I feel about that tubby bastard. He has put out some of the best original (and even existing) titles over the past 5-6 years, including Walking Dead and Invincible. He is scripting each of the five titles so that bodes well for all of them.

The premise of this first entry into the program is of a dude who can read people's minds, which compels him to find people deserving to be murdered, and does just that. I mean, check out that cover by Silvestri. That's pretty damn badass, especially since our main character, Jason, has ZERO expression on his face. Reading this, I totally got a "Dexter" vibe, which I consider a good thing. I started watching that show on recommendations from my buddy, Archie, and Superfly. Much like Dexter, Jason has homicidal tendencies, but only unleashes them on people deserving of it. The way this issue ends, though, leaves it open for so much more. As of now, I'm rooting for this book to be picked up, but that may change as more titles are released. For now, though, this is definitely a solid buy at $2.99 cover. If they don't come out with anymore, then you're only out 3 bucks. If they do decide to continue it, though, buckle down for a long-term investment.

Who should read this book:
People who have compulsions to be heroic.
People who watch Dexter.
People who discover ancient artifacts that are life-changing if you can just find the right buyer.


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