Monday, January 04, 2010

Heroes Online Digs Image and Murderer

Has anyone else noticed that Image Comics seems to be on a roll these days?

The creator-centric comic company that was maligned in the past (like when they first launched in 1990s) for churning out crappy and late comics has been, as of late, publishing some really great books.

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I was reading so many Image books — or the last time I actually got excited about the company’s offerings.

I mean, I was digging The Walking Dead and Invincible (both written by Robert Kirkman) before, but my love for Kirkman’s work led me to his newest books: Murderer (part of Top Cow’s Pilot Season program) and Haunt (which he works on with Todd McFarlane). I loved Murderer, which got me interested in other Top Cow comics. And I fell for Haunt, which got me taking a second look at Todd McFarlane again — so I started reading Spawn after a looooong break. And that led me to Image United, the crossover blockbuster that’s drawn by all the Image founders.

All that said, if you’re one of those readers who swore off Image years ago, do yourself a favor and give the company another look.


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