Monday, January 25, 2010

Project Fanboy Advanced Review: Witchblade #134

Title: Witchblade #134

A cybernetic assassin is on the loose and the only clue Witchblade Sara Pezzini has is some large caliber bullet shells. Much like James Cameron, writer Ron Marz populates Witchblade with some high action tough women. His characters call back to the likes of Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor, and even though objectively nothing much happens in this issue, it moves forward at a good pace.

He cuts back and forth between a couple of plot lines but never losses sight of his characters or there motivations. He has the ability to fill his pages with quite a bit of talking, but it never becomes a chore to read and always adds to the depth of the book. He writes a very interesting world of high tech cyber intrigue with mysterious characters and mysterious motivations. This is issue is set up...but somehow it is very satisfying and filling.

The art duties are all taken care of by Stjepan Sejic and in his capable hands this book is great looking. His page layouts are clean and simple but have room and touches of experimentation with panel layouts. His most effective attribute is his coloring style. Everything in this book really pops, its bright and vibrant and the color pallet is all over the place in a good way.

It's a simple set up issue but it's done really well and the writer and artist come together to make what is basically exposition really filling.

Source: Project Fanboy

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