Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Weekly Crisis Ponders Image Firsts

In another edition of The Weekly Crisis' Kirk's Soapbox--A Collection of Random Thoughts, Kirk focuses on Image's new Image Firsts initiative.

Image Comics got in on the $1 comics action recently with the announcement of Image Firsts. I'm not going to get all negative on them for reaching out to new readers with affordable comics and actually commend them for jumping on the bandwagon DC started with the After Watchmen promotion (Vertigo also does the occasional $1 first issue for new series), but some of the choices for issues to spotlight left me a bit confused.

The choices of Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade and Youngblood leave me a little confused. These are titles that have been going on for years and have seen significant changes in that time.

For example, Witchblade, as guest poster Mike Panetta pointed out, has changed drastically in style and tone since Ron Marz took over. They are even promoting the new run with free trades with any purchase at Why not spotlight Marz's first issue, Witchblade #80, or more recent story arcs? If I pick up Witchblade #1 for a $1, where do I go from there? Witchblade Vol 1: Witch Hunt, as the trade is listed on, is actually Ron Marz's first arc on the title. You'd have to pick up the Witchblade Compendium, which contains the first 50 issues, to find more of the same as the Witchblade #1 issue you just bought.

Source: The Weekly Crisis

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