Monday, January 18, 2010

Witchblade Lands on Clan of The Fanboys' 10 List for Favorite Heroes

Clan of the Fanboys kicks off the first of their 10 Things with a Our Favorite Heroes event. Top Cow's very own Witchblade makes the cut.

Girl Power
Witchblade has always been a favorite of mine. Sara (the weilder of the Witchblade) has an excellent set up being a cop, an excellent bad guy in Mr. Irons and more. And the witchblade was just one hell of a sexy comic. Everyone was very beautiful, including the bad guys. It was weird. She came about with the Darkness when comics were transitioning from something struggling to something entirely new. She just kicks ass. And she has one hell of an artist behind her.

See who else made the cut here.

Source: Clan of the Fanboys

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