Monday, January 18, 2010

Chicago Bears Linebacker Lance Briggs is an Image and Top Cow Kind of Guy

The A.V. Club took some time out to sit down with Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs about what makes him happy --- comics.

AVC: What titles do you read right now?

LB: My favorite comic right now is The Darkness. To me, it's just a great story. He's got great powers, and his interactions are just pretty cool. He's got issues where he fights Superman, and Lara Croft, Witchblade, things like that — it's just pretty cool.

AVC: Are you more of an Image guy than a Marvel or DC guy?

LB: Yeah, more into the Image and Top Cow stuff now. I got into that when I was in high school, when Image was fairly new, and Spawn, Shadowhawk, Wildcats, Stormwatch, all of these storylines were very appealing to me. Of course, I'm still a Marvel fan—I still pick up X-Men and Spider-Man. I pick up DC, as well—I get Justice League, Green Lantern, stuff like that. But by far, Top Cow and Image stuff is my favorite.

AVC: Have you ever given any thought to making comics of your own?

LB: Well, actually, I'm working on some comics right now for Top Cow. I've got the opportunity to meet [Top Cow founder] Marc Silvestri, which I'm just stoked about. I'm really excited to meet him. So I'm taking some time, putting together some characters. Hopefully they like it.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Source: A.V. Club

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