Monday, January 04, 2010

Witchblade's Kenneth Irons Makes's Memorable Deaths of the 2000s

2009 saw some of the most memorable deaths in the entertainment and political realms in recent memory. Icons, legends and established figures were taken from the world, some on the verge of a comeback and some in their prime. Comics have also lost some icons, not only this year but in the past decade. Death in the real world is a vastly different thing from that of the fictional world, with the prospect of return always a possibility where comics are concerned. With that in mind we look back at some of the more memorable losses in comics over the first decade of the new millennium. While not everyone who died is on this list, it hopefully covers those comic book deaths that were surprises, twists or the loss of those who were near and dear to the hearts and minds of readers everywhere for one reason or another.

Kenneth Irons (Image/Top Cow, 2001) This antagonist of every possessor of the powerful Witchblade led to frequent battles with nemesis and bearer of the Witchblade Sara Pezzini. All of that came to an end however in the pages of Witchblade #75, when Irons met a bitter end at the hands of Joe Siry. Irons’ mad quest for the Witchblade caused him over the years to commit awful acts, such as the sacrifice of his wife, and his death took down one of the biggest villains in the Top Cow universe.


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