Monday, January 04, 2010

Best Shots Reviews Angelus #1

Angelus #1
Written by Ron Marz
Art by Stjepan Sejic
Published by Top Cow
Review by Lan Pitts

Angelus is the story of many things, but mainly about how things work in this universe. How things work in circles. See, the Angelus was once a self-righteous villain, though now former Witchblade-bearer Dani Baptiste is now the wielder of the Angelus force. Also, how Dani came from New Orleans, moved to New York, and now has settled back to Louisiana in an attempt to clear her head. Along for the ride is her would-be girlfriend, Finch, who was introduced a while back in "Witchblade". Too bad for Dani, things are about to get crazier.

Now, I wouldn't call this an origin story by any means, if anything it's a set up for the remaining five issues of this mini series. There's little to be unsaid about what Marz and Sejic have done for Top Cow's top character, and this title is in the same field of character development, intrigue, with magical elements that wouldn't let me stop turning pages. Marz is no stranger to the story of everyman, or woman, becoming a larger than life hero(ine) and Dani has stepped out of Sara's shadow and really shines here.

Of course, Sejic is at his best here with heavenly imagery and hellish designs and solid panel construction.

I do love the "aren't they, are they" factor of Finch and Dani's friendship, and you want to cheer for the both of them on.

With "Artifacts" coming out soon, this is a book to have an eye on.


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