Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Comic News: Holy Heart Failure! Comics Await the iPad

From Publishers Weekly by way of Cult of Mac:

Comic book publishers are super eager to get their strips in full living color on the iPad, if a round up by Publisher’s Weekly is anything to go by.

Only one graphic novel exec, Filip Sablik of Top Cow, was “cautiously optimistic” that the iPad would be a “game changer” for digital comics. “What Apple has done incredibly well in the last decade is take existing technology–laptop, mp3 player, smart phone–and made it really sexy and really easy to use. Right now it looks like the iPad might follow those to pillars of Apple’s success.”

The publishers seemed to be in agreement that while the iPad will be great for reading on the commute, lots of different readers — from small kids to serious collectors — will still want paper editions.

Will you be flipping through comics on your iPad?

Source: Cult of Mac

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