Sunday, February 21, 2010

Darkness Listed in 20 Games That Are Charmed on Xbox 360

An innovative product that debuted in the gaming arena years ago, continues to rule the minds of enthusiasts world over. The Xbox 360, when it arrived for the first time, charmed thousands who even carried with them the passion to own the device. The age-defying console still rules, promising that the Xbox 360 is one device one would never want to miss.

With the customer base still continuing to grow, Xbox 360 games are much sought after at online stores and retail outlets. Though loved by gamers of all ages, the astounding popularity of Xbox 360 games rests on the teenagers worldwide. We present before you the most popular games now available on Xbox 360 and sought after by millions.

The Darkness (2K Games)

Adaptation of a comic book series, this game dwells upon mafia hit man Jackie Estacado’s exploits. He comes face to face with the paranormal world and imbibes powers to call upon frightening and destructive demons. A fascinating storyboard helped the game, though it portrays explicit violence.


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