Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sara Pezzini and the Witchblade Tops Top 14 Comic Book Couples

As much as they’re about spandex, capes and saving the world, comic books — as a medium — would never have survived in a world of 3D-Blu Ray-Internet-TV-iPhones if they only revolved around the next BAM! or KA-POW!

Superheroes are the mythology of the times, and behind every great mythological tale is a story of love. Or at least lust.

Comics are action, comics are adventure, but comics are also drama. A good comic is also a good soap opera, and every great soap opera (there are great soap operas, aren’t there?) has its key players.

Valentine’s Day may be just behind us, but love is year-round. And so, I present: THE TOP 14 MAINSTREAM COMIC BOOK COUPLES


Detective Sara Pezzini was saving the world long before anyone would’ve called her a superhero.

And unlike some superheroes, who elect to wear spandex and a cape, the sentient artifact known as The Witchblade chose to wear her: adding her to a long list of historically strong women to wield its power.

Pezzini’s had meaningful relationships, but this, her most intense, has given new meaning to marrying your work. There’s no costume under her shirt, just an ancient weapon resembling a bracelet on her wrist.

Together they’ve survived countless demonic battles royale, intimate betrayals, less-than-desirable artwork (but to be fair, she started with Michael Turner) and even a pregnancy. They’ve shredded hearts and designer dresses. But through it all, The Witchblade has still chosen Sara to do its work in the world. And Sara’s chosen it.

Source: Daily Loaf

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