Thursday, February 04, 2010

GeekWeek's I Thought You'd Never Ask: Joshua Hale Fialkov

This week's creator guest for Filip Sablik's installment of I Thought You'd Never Ask on GeekWeek is Joshua Hale Fialkov.

Up to bat this week is Joshua Hale Fialkov. Aside from being ruggedly handsome, Josh is also prolific writer. He got his start self-publishing like Western Tales of Terror and Elk's Run (which was eventually picked up by Random House for the trade collection). He also self-publishes the hilarious Punks the Comic with artist Kody Chamberlain. He launched the first comic exclusively on Amazon's Kindle with Tumor, which is about to be released as a hard cover collection by Archaia. He's done work for Marvel, DC, Harris, IDW, Boom! Studios, Del Rey Manga, and of course, Top Cow (Pilot Season's Cyblade and Pilot Season's Alibi). Currently he's working on a top secret original project with Top Cow, which I can't tell you about. I could, but then I'd have to kill you. Also you should know that Josh is bigger than life, but smaller in person than you would think.

Filip Sablik: You grew up in Pittsburgh, went to college in Boston, and now live in Los Angeles. What's up with the cowboy shirts and hats? Not that I mind, I happen to think you're a snappy dresser and if I may say so, clean up quite nicely.

Joshua Hale Fialkov: The cowboy shirts... just sort of found me. I had a bluegrass band in college, and one of the other guys in the band lived in Arizona, and when I went to Tucson so see him one summer, I found what was probably my first snap button cowboy shirt. There's something that's classic California about them, even more than a guayabera. Plus, I'm sick in the head for the Western genre and good classic country music.

Catch the rest of the interview here.

Source: GeekWeek

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