Thursday, February 04, 2010

Newsarama: Filip Sablik in "2010: Doing Better"

Filip Sablik's latest post at Blog@Newsarama: 2010: Doing Better:

So this is the New Year, And I have no resolutions.” – Death Cab for Cutie

Well, that’s not quite true. I do have one resolution; it’s “do better.” Every year I take a look at how we did as a company and try to figure out ways we can improve. Improve the stories, the art, our timeliness, the value we bring our fans, really every aspect of our publishing business.

I try to avoid doing a ton of self-promotion with this blog for a number of reasons. And besides, I figure there are a number of places where you can find me hyping up our new projects and besides most Blog@Newsarama readers would tune me out if all I did was chat up Top Cow projects.

However, since it’s the beginning of 2010 I hope you’ll indulge me if share some of my excitement with you. Here’s what Top Cow has in store for you in 2010:

Angelus and Witchblade - Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic continue their dynamic partnership monthly in Witchblade, and in the beginning of the year they’ll also give you a second dose of their awesomeness with Angelus, starring Dani Baptiste.

Click here to see what else Top Cow has in store for you in 2010.

Source: Newsarama

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