Thursday, February 04, 2010

MTV Splash Page: Mark Millar Says 'Wanted 2' Script Is 'Almost Ready'

For well over a year, Mark Millar has been talking about the proposed sequel to "Wanted", based upon his hit creator owned comic miniseries with artist J.G. Jones. The film, staring James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson and Angelina Jolie as Fox was a surprise hit during its release in 2008, making a sequel inevitable. And according to Millar, "Wanted 2" may finally be close to going in front of the cameras.

"I can't remember exactly when it's going to start shooting — I don't even know if I can officially say — but it will be soon and the script is almost ready," said Millar during an interview with IGN. Millar also disclosed where the sequel would pick up and reiterated that it would have a "global" scope.

"['Wanted 2'] follows immediately at the end of the first movie and the fraternity is down in America. But there's an international fraternity, which we had in the [miniseries] as well. There [were] five fraternities across the world and [Wesley] is out there being hunted by the other guys."

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Source: MTV Splash Page

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