Thursday, February 04, 2010

Quarter Bin Reviews Berserker #4

The Quarter Bin's Sarah LaBeouf reviews Berserker #4:

Berserker #4 is finally out. Finally, four issues in, I’m getting an idea where this story is going. This particular issue only focused on one super-powered rage machine, Farris. In the last issue, the dual protagonists’ storylines stopped running parallel to each other, and this week Farris takes the wheel, with Aaron making only a brief cameo. This gave writer Rick Loverd enough time to actually push the story forward.

It’s becoming clear now that the awakening of these Berserker powers aren’t just a bloody inconvenience–it could mean so much more for the entire human race. Farris potentially holds the fate of the world in his bloodstained hands. Yet there is a glimmer of hope that his curse can be controlled, though the cliffhanger ending leaves that remaining to be seen.

I’ve been enjoying this series, and all of the gory violence that went with it, but in the last issue it seemed like Berserker was on the verge of getting too into the decapitations and images of brutality, and not focusing enough on a complete story arc. This issue has assuaged those worries, and shown that Rick Loverd knows where the series is going and is in control of his characters. Artist Jeremy Haun, meanwhile, has almost outdone himself, splattering each page with blood, brains, and entrails.

With only two issues left in this story, I now have some more ideas about where it’s going, though I’m still completely unsure of how it will all end. See what I’m talking about in Berserker #4, in stores now.

Source: The Quarter Bin

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