Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project Fanboy Reviews: Tracker #3

Reviewer Comments:
Alex O'Roark's hunt for the serial killer Harod continues but it hits close to home when a decapitated head shows up on his doorstep. That's where Tracker #3 by Jonathan Lincoln kicks off and this third issue continues Trackers solid story.

The writing is a solid mix of a police-procedural and a hunt-for-a-serial-killer story with a werewolf twist. It also has a good blend of action and character drama. All in one issue Lincoln gives you relationship drama, investigation drama, partner tension, a chase sequence, a dream sequence, and more mystery, and thanks to Lincolns even pacing it all works together and reads smooth, this issue is jam packed with happenings but it doesn't ever feel like too much is going on, its very easy to follow.

The art, by Francis Tsai, continues to be a great way to see this story told. His line work is clear and defined. His style is dark and gritty. His story telling is solid, and man can he draw some horrifying looking sequences.

Lincoln and Tsai continue to steer this book on course as its a solid action book with characters you care about. I continue to be impressed by Tracker, its a simple twist on a familiar genre but it's creative team knows what it's doing and continues to make it a solid read.


Source: Project Fanboy

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