Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Quarter Bin Reviews Angelus #2

Is the blizzard of Snowmaggedon 2010 keeping you from getting to your comic shop? Stay inside and keep warm with our thoughts on Top Cow’s Angelus #2.

Here’s something I really like about Angelus: it gives Stjepan Sejic a chance to experiment with different scenery and visuals. I’ve been talking about how great his work on Witchblade is for a while now, but after months and months of New York City streets and skyscrapers, it’s nice to get down to New Orleans to visit Dani Baptiste, the new leader of the Angelus. We actually don’t see much of N’awlins in this issue, though, as Dani is taken to her kingdom in the clouds, the angelic realm where she reigns. It is here that Dani finds out leading the Angelus is not as simple as bearing the Witchblade.

Unlike the Witchblade, which Dani previously held half of, the Angelus are on one side of the eternal battle between darkness and light. The entire meaning of their existence is to defeat the bearer of the Darkness, though they’ve only come close once, it seems. While the fight has been going on for eons, things aren’t as black and white now as they once were. The gray matter in between is Jackie Estacado, bearer of the Darkness, father of Sara Pezzini’s baby, and friend of Dani Baptiste.

Like Dani, I hadn’t given much thought to what it would truly mean to lead the Angelus, but Ron Marz has done a great job of laying out this conflict. It appears that Dani and Jackie are going to have to come head to head at some point, perhaps sooner rather than later, as this issue hints. However, this must create a huge internal struggle for Dani: can she defeat Jackie, giving the Angelus what they’ve been fighting for, and robbing Sara’s baby of his father? Also, since the key to the Top Cow universe is balance (represented by the Witchblade), would throwing that off put Sara and Dani at war again?

This issue gave me plenty to think about, but ended before any questions were answered. This only made me more anxious to see how the story is going to progress in Angelus #3.

Angelus #2 is in comic shops now.

Source: Quarter Bin

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