Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Science Website Cocktail Party Physics Makes Note of Berserker in iPad Coverage

Cocktail Party Physics makes note of Berserker in coverage of iPad announcement:

Millions of Americans were glued to their TV sets Wednesday night watching the State of the Union address, but let's face it, President Obama was overshadowed by the other big news of the day: the decidedly mixed reaction to Apple's announcement of the long-awaited tablet, with the unfortunate moniker of iPad. (As one of my Facebook buddies put it, "What's next, the Max-iPad?" And Mad TV's eerily prescient spoof is already making the rounds in the blogosphere.) I mean, even before the announcement, armchair pundits were looking into their crystal balls and declaring the product was doomed to failure. Bashing Apple is kind of a hobby for some folks, especially those with PCs who are understandably tired of certain Mac fanatics constantly trumpeting how much cooler they are. It's a vicious geek hierarchy: Macs look down on PCs, Linux users look down on Macs, and the really hard core types build their own computers from scratch and write their own damned operating system, thanks very much.

Here are the things I am concerned about with the iPad:

The LED Screen.

What we probably won't be seeing any time soon is a Kindle version of my friend Rick Loverd's Norse myth inspired, uber-violent graphic novel series, Berserker. I mean, I've seen the pre-colored pencils of various issues while they were in production, and they have a certain skeletal spare beauty in their black-and-white incarnation, but I can't imagine being able to fully appreciate Rick's loving depiction of exposed viscera (brought to vivid life by artist Jeremy Haun) in your standard Kindle format. But it would look fantastic on the iPad.

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