Wednesday, February 03, 2010

GeekWeek: Ron Marz on the Comic Book Script Archive

Tim Simmons realizes that reading comic book scripts isn't exactly everyone's bag, but if you're an aspiring comic writer or artist, the Comic Book Script Archive is a great resource for getting a peek at how the pros work. You also can't go wrong studying a writer like Mr. Marz.

He was honored when, last week, Ron popped him a message asking if he would like to host a script or two of his-- Being stellar, he ended up hooking up not one or two, but four scripts: Angelus #1, Broken Trinity: Witchblade, Dragon Prince #1, and Witchblade # 132.

If you're an aspiring writer or artist, take particular note of the Dragon Prince script, since you can compare it to the final version, which Top Cow has graciously offered for you to read!

Source: GeekWeek

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