Monday, February 01, 2010

The WEEKLY CRISIS Reviews Pilot Season: Demonic #1

The Weekly Crisis' Ryan reviews Pilot Season: Demonic #1 in this week's installment of Comic Book Review Power Rankings.

• The good folks over at Top Cow were kind enough to send along a copy of this week’s Pilot Season candidate, Demonic, which focus on a cop who is haunted by a bloodthirsty demon that forces him into some serious ethical dilemmas.

• I do really like the ethical dilemmas that Scott faces and the fact that its not even clear if the demon is real or if Scott is just going insane.

• Joe Benitez’s artwork is considerably more controlled here than his more outrageous work for DC, though it is still quite stylized.

• There is a good sense of movement in the action sequences, which really kicks up the story a notch during these scenes.

Verdict: Check It. I really dig the concept of Demonic and think that, given time, Kirkman could spin a very complex and thought-provoking story that would balance well with the action and gore that the story warrants. I imagine something a long the lines of Showtime’s Dexter show, but with more supernatural influences and less John Lithgow. You can see that promise in this issue, though as a standalone story, Kirkman never gets past the surface setup, so it never really sucks the reader in. It’s a cool idea, but I’m not 100% sold at this point.

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Source: The Weekly Crisis

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