Thursday, March 04, 2010

Best Shots Reviews Witchblade #135

Witchblade #135 (Published by Top Cow Comics; Review by Lan Pitts): For the first part of this issue, I thought I was reading a Saber Rider adaptation. Top Cow is a mix of supernatural books (for what they are most known for) and sci-fi/cyber-realm books that emphasize superheroics via technology. This issue was a good mix of both visions with Witchblade teaming up with Aphrodite IV. Writer Ron Marz constructed a pretty good middle of the arc issue here, with a recap page just in case you missed the previous installment. Stjepan Sejic's art is better looking to me when he's dealing with more of the metal and gears side of things in comparison to his take on more fantasy elements. I don't know much about Aphrodite IV, but there's enough interest where I want to learn more. Plus, who doesn't love robot on robot violence?

Source: Newsarama

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