Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Comic Addiction Reviews Darkness #83

The Comic Addiction's Joe David Soliz reviews Darkness #83:

Can I just say that I do not like starting in the middle of story arcs? And can I also say that Top Cow does an incredible job of alleviating my fear of starting in the middle of story arcs? Much like the Witchblade #135 review I did, I’m coming to The Darkness in the middle of a story arc; a very short story arc, but in the middle none the less.

Now unlike Witchblade, I have never read a single comic with The Darkness in it. Much like Witchblade, I was already away from Top Cow when this character was first introduced. However, with Witchblade I actually got to read several issues about her before I read #135. But I come to this Darkness issue completely cold. And I couldn’t have picked a better issue to do it.

Again, Top Cow wows me with their simple tactic of using a “Previously on…” section to open up their books. Why do other companies neglect the simple brilliance of this? Anyway, thanks to this (and also props to Chris Partin for filling me in on the details of issue #82 as well) I felt I could go into this issue without any problems. And how does my introduction to The Darkness begin? With an awesome action scene! I want so much to spoil exactly what happens but I promised above that I wouldn’t. Let’s just say that I get to see just how tough Jackie Estacado really is by seeing a bit of his weakness. Kind of an oxymoron I know, but it spoke volumes to me about this character. Plus, I love the humor that his little Darklings have in the middle of all this.

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