Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nfamous Gamers Reviews Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #5

Two of Top Cow’s greatest super teams continue to go after the allegiance of CyberData and Morningstar to stop them from unleashing a new technological nano-virus from creating genetic mutants all over the world. With the horrifying plan now being enacted, what will the teams do to stop the virus from spreading and who will make the sacrifice necessary to ensure victory for the good guys?

Concluding the action packed series, the survivors of both teams face off against an empowered Morningstar as they struggle to save humanity from the terrifying effects of the virus. But when one former teammate goes traitor, the shit hits the fan fast. Ellis loses control of his powers as Damper turns off the control he had on him and Velocity is infected with the virus as well. Ballistic is forced to take down her sister, Ellis goes after Morningstar despite his condition, and Network and Damper pay the price for their roles in the entire matter. In the end, none of the teams is left unscathed and a couple switch sides afterwards.

Mark Waid delivers another pulse pounding action story. Again, not as deeply thought out as some of his better materials, but still worth a pick up if you want some action this week. Fast paced and full of punch, it is a fitting end to the mini-series.

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Source: Nfamous Gamers

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