Monday, March 15, 2010

Comic Attack Reviews Angelus #2

[Ron] Marz continues to maintain a good story and makes it easier for those who aren’t too familiar with the Angelus to feel comfortable reading this issue. And I’m sure those more versed in Angelus lore than myself still find the story a far cry from the former host Celestine, and not too repetitive. Marz also handles Sabine’s manipulation of Dani and her hidden desire to become the Angelus very well, though at times it seems as if Dani is just too dense to get it. The Chimera conversation immediately comes to mind, but I’m willing to follow through with the story to see how it all ends.

What can you say about Sejic’s art that hasn’t been said already? As a whole, the entire book is great to just look at, even though some pages stand out more than others. Aside from a couple of panels, the Kingdom of Light sequence doesn’t hold up to the rest of the book, though the best shot is a two-page spread of the Darkness fighting the Angelus Warriors…wow!

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Source: Comic Attack

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