Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Comic Attack: Top Cow’s Ron Marz talks Artifacts, Magdalena, and more

Ron Marz has been firing on all cylinders since arriving at Top Cow to pen their flagship title Witchblade, bringing a much needed different approach that has fans emptying shelves and wanting more! Not to mention his great work on First Born, Broken Trinity, Angelus, and the upcoming Artifacts, which will be Top Cow’s summer cross-over event spanning 13 issues! Between all of this and working on his creator-owned projects, I consider myself a little fortunate that he took time out to to chat with!

Comic Attack: Witchblade was most commonly known for its T&A that had some action and some fantasy elements in the story. However, since you’ve come along Sara has evolved and matured, developing into a character whom people take seriously. Was this something you focused on or just a natural progression of the story?

Ron Marz: No, that was my intention from the beginning. I didn’t have any interest in writing stories that were excuses for Sara’s clothes to fall off, and I said that when I was offered the job. But Top Cow was completely supportive in moving the book in a much more story-driven direction. It’s been that way ever since I took over, and I’ve got 55 issues in a row under my belt now.

CA: Was Dani always the choice for the Angelus, or were there other possibilities before narrowing it down to her?

RM: Dani was always going to be the Angelus, from the first time readers ever set eyes on her, which was Witchblade #100. So bringing her along, and eventually giving her the Angelus mantle, was a story that was three years in the making. Knowing that you’re staying on a title long-term gives you the creative luxury to do long-term storylines.

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