Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cosmic Book News: Top Cow's Angels From Marz

Angelus writer Ron Marz, who has been doing for Top Cow what writer Geoff Johns has been doing for DC Comics, was kind enough to discuss his time with Top Cow via telephone.

He spoke with us at about what Top Cow fans can expect with the upcoming maxi-series Artifacts.

Cosmic Book News: Have you been pleased with the response with Angelus?

RON MARZ: Yeah, I just found out issue #1 sold out, so that was a nice bit of news. This series is something we've been building toward for a while, so it's gratifying to have it doing fairly well.

Cosmic Book News: What have you thought of Stjepan Sejic as the artist on Angelus and Witchblade?

RON MARZ: He's really the perfect choice for this kind of stuff. He's a digital painter, so his speed allows us to do this epic supernatural/fantasy stuff on a monthly basis. I can give him double-page spreads and these big eye-candy visuals, and he'll knock them out of the park. But I can also give him real character-driven acting, and he nails that stuff as well.

Any book is really only the sum of its creative parts, and Stjepan is a great collaborator.

Read the rest of the interview and catch the preview art from Witchblade #135 here.

Source: Cosmic Book News

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