Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Geeks of Doom Reviews Witchblade #134-135

A quick summary for the other noobs out there: Witchblade centers around Sara Pezzini, an NYPD detective and the current wielder of said Witchblade, a powerful supernatural weapon that can shift its shape to protect and aid the user. These two issues in particular, #134 and #135, are the first two books of a three-part arc about Sara tracking down the green-haired cyborg assassin called Aphrodite IV, who works for the shadowy, uncreatively named organization Cyberdata.

A few things did stand out for me, giving me clues as to why longtime readers might have cared enough to stick around for over a hundred issues. The ideas here — ancient, magical weapons! a killer cyborg! — are fun ones, even if the execution is uninspired. Scenes hint that previous books have explored a darker side of Sara.

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Source: Geeks of Doom

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