Monday, March 08, 2010

GeekWeek Reviews Witchblade #135

Witchblade #135 is a battle issue and I love me some battle issues. Comics break down into three types: plot issues, shocker issues and battle issues. Witchblade 135 starts out as a catfight between Witchblade and an automated robot assassin that looks like a supermodel. Their battle morphs into a team up against pissed off super robots. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a shallow issue and a few plot points are met but for the most part Witchblade#135 is pure action.

Top Cow continues to put out top-notch stuff dealing with the world of fantasy and the long running Witchblade is no exception. There is a nice balance between the real world we can identify with and the fantasy world we want to be part of. Witchblade is also an adult book, a mature fantasy tale for people looking for something outside of caped superheroes. It once again proves that comic books are a legitimate art form that has long outgrown the stigma of being kid stuff.

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Source: GeekWeek

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