Friday, March 12, 2010

GeekWeek's I Thought You'd Never Ask: Mark Waid

Don't call it a come back. It's another installment of "I Thought You'd Never Ask." Another week, another 5 questions with one of Filip Sablik's comic creator pals, questions which your average reporter would never think to ask. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll say "thanks for the distraction from work."

My victim this week is none other than Mark Waid. If you read comics, you know Mark Waid. He's edited or written virtually every character and series for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. You can check out his ComicBookDB profile to get a full sense of the scope of his work, but I'll just mention a few of my personal favorite things Mark has written - Kingdom Come, Flash, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Empire, Irredeemable, Hunter-Killer, and Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer.

Filip Sablik: It's no secret that you are a huge Superman fan and that Richard Donner's Superman movie played a big role in inspiring you to pursue comics as a career. Are you a bigger fan of the original cut of Superman 2 or the Donner cut?

Mark Waid: I'm torn. I think that the Donner cut was a better story, but the Lester cut was a better movie. If I have to choose, though, I favor the Donner cut because there's no stupid slapstick happening while the villains are destroying Metropolis

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